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UPDATED: 23/7/2021

Smoosh® Dog Transport are considered an essential commercial freight service and are a registered Australian COVID SAFE company. This means we are able to travel through state borders across Australia even when there are areas in lockdown, or hard border closures. This has not changed since the very beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic and we continue to travel from Townsville to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and back many times each week.

We have an extensive, detailed safety plan in place to ensure we continue to travel safely and responsibly through each state and territory.

We look forward to meeting you. Please stay safe!

We do everything possible to make sure your Dog is as Safe, Happy and Healthy as possible during transportation, however you can rest assured that we have ALL bases covered when it comes to having insurance cover.

As well as the usual vehicle and business insurances, we are also covered by Animal Transit Insurance.

This means every animal in our care is Insured against an unlikely injury and/or death during Transit on a Smoosh® Vehicle.

We always recommend that you purchase your own Pet Insurance Cover. This gives you piece of mind that if anything happens during transit to and from our meeting point, you are still covered.

Smoosh® Dog Transport are Brachy (Flat Faced) Breed Specialists.

Not only are we breeders and Exhibitors of Pugs, but our family consists of 6 Pugs currently (You may have seen our boy “Bohdi” on our transport vehicles).

We take precautions with EVERY animal on board, however we understand how taking particular care with managing temperature, Food and Water intake and stress in Brachy Breeds is vital to their wellbeing.

How quickly we can deliver you Dog will depend on how far your Dog will need to travel and which route we take to get there.
The following timeframes are based on Smoosh® past delivery schedules. We do of course aim to be as flexible and efficient as possible, but we always ensure that our rest stops are taken every 4 hours without fail.


Same Day Delivery


Same Day Delivery


Same Day Delivery


Next Day Delivery


Same Day Delivery

No, we don’t use crates in our transport at all.

They might be fine for an aircraft where crates need to be moved, but our care is more personalised, safer and more comfortable than an aircraft cargo hold. Our custom built enclosures do not need to be portable and are fixed to the van permanently to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all animals onboard.

In the case of an accident or when flexibility is required, our enclosures are second to no other form of enclosures available for Dogs during transportation or at home. Our enclosures are also flexible in size to accommodate ANY size Dog. We can accomodate a MINIMUM of 14 full sized Dogs in each of our SMOOSH® vans.

We have various sized custom built enclosures to suit all breeds, sizes and ages of dog. We use special exercise pens for younger puppies with an enclosed floor to ensure they do not touch the ground prior to their final vaccinations.

Full information about our live tracking system is provided in your Smoosh® Welcome Pack. This is sent to all parties once a booking has been made.

All Smoosh® Transportation vehicles include the exact same features. This includes real time tracking. This tracking is integrated into the Smoosh® Driver App which sends you notifications about the location of your Dog, timeframes and a map link where you can view and track the progress of your Dog’s journey in real time.

More information is available on our Live Dog Tracking page.

No, unfortunately not.

Currently, during this difficult time dealing with Covid, we have a very strict Covid safe plan in place. Since we travel interstate through various Covid hotspots, we are extremely careful and about how we handle any items. To keep our service and our procedures consistent, we simply do not handle any items that are not 100% necessary. We suggest these items are mailed through in advance.

Outside of a Covid world, we cannot deliver your puppy packs for you. Our transportation has been designed to allow the maximum comfort for your dog, not for the maximum space for 20 puppy packs. Therefore we do not have storage facilities to carry a puppy pack for every puppy onboard. We suggest these items are mailed through in advance.

Yes, we can place these items into the same enclosure as your puppy. We realise this can be a welcome comfort to young Dogs however this may not be ideal purely for sanitary reasons. After a possible two day journey, these items can become soiled and do not allow for a full frequent clean of the enclosure. Of course our goal is to help your puppy to stay happy, comfortable and clean.

During their entire journey, all Dogs on board a SMOOSH® van reside in a secure, ultra comfortable purpose built enclosure with ample room to stand, lay and move around (but not too much for safety during transit). Most dogs spend their time chewing toys, watching TV or sleeping. Regardless of how many days they spend in transit, their wellbeing is always our number one priority. At night time, this is no different.


Smoosh® have a “Driver Always Present” Policy. Our driver NEVER leaves the vicinity of the SMOOSH® van for any extended period of time. This means driver rest stops, visits to the fuel pump, showering and even during unexpected trips to the mechanic, our driver is with your Dog at every possible moment, while your Dog continues to watch a movie, plays or sleeps as usual.


Our driver will sleep in the van, YES! in the rear Dog Cabin (not in the front away from your Dog) with your Dog on most nights. Alternatively, on VERY rare occasions, the driver will pitch a tent right outside the van door, next to the Dogs. This is regardless of where the van is located. We have found that sleeping next to your Dog keeps them calm and helps them relax at night.

Sure, we use motels, but ONLY when our van is empty.


Our SMOOSH® van is also equipped with enough food, water and clean bedding for a two week camping trip. So we are always prepared to care for your Dog in any circumstance. While a van might be strange environment for your Dog, the environment is just as safe for them as it is at home in bed.

Please rest assured, your Dog will NEVER be left unattended for any period of time for any reason.

YES! All of our SMOOSH® vans have a Microchip Identification Scanner onboard. We often transport full litters of puppies and we have zero tolerance for mistakes when it comes to your precious puppy. Our driver has been trained on animal first aid, nourishment, hydration and of course the SMOOSH® unique identification system, which includes scanning and identifying Dogs via their microchips.

Our Pricing is calculated on factors such as distance and size of enclosure required. We’ll ask for these details when you request a quote from us.

We specialise in longer journeys (which are more economical price wise), but we do try to accomodate Dogs on shorter distances (less than 500km) if we are able to.

Terms and conditions apply to all quotations and prices may subject to change


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