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Skilled Staff

Skilled Staff

Our team is always here to help. We don’t just hire drivers to care for your Dog, our team comprise of Animal Welfare officers, ANKC Breeders and Exhibitors, Canine Breeding Technicians and behavioural specialists, all trained in Animal First Aid.

In Transit Enrichment

In Transit Enrichment

Your Dogs journey will be as comfortable and stress free as possible thanks to our Behaviourist designed in Transit Enrichment program. From in Toy food regimes to onboard Movies, and let’s not forget all of the free cuddles!

Custom Built Dog Enclosure

Custom Built Cages

With such a personalised service as ours, it makes perfect sense that we custom designed and built our own van interiors. We’ll accept nothing but the best for your Dog and our cages are clean, safe and built to suit all sizes/breeds of Dogs.

Frequent Rest Stops

Frequent Rest Stops

Frequent 4 hourly rest stops are an important part of our service. While we aim to be as efficient as possible and make travel time as quick as possible, the welfare and health of our driver and all animals on board is our priority.

Live Dog Tracking

Real Time Tracking

We think you should be informed about your Dogs journey. We’ll tell you exactly when you can expect pickup and delivery so you can plan your day without having to stay at home waiting for a four hour delivery window. We love staying informed and we think you will too.

Dog Cabin Climate

Cabin Climate

Our cabin is fully insulated and climate controlled to a comfortable temperature (between 16 -23 degrees). Our real time cabin air temperature data ensures we know how comfortable your Dog feels all the time.


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